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Interpersonal & Family Counselling

Servicing Rossland, Trail, Castlegar & The West Kootenays

Does your family feel chaotic?

Do you feel like your kids run your life?

Are their recurrent struggles between specific family members?

Do you find yourself shouting, threatening, or crying?

As an adult do you struggle to connect with your parents?

Does it feel like get togethers and special events always have fights and disagreements?

Are you estranged from family members?

Family chaos and dysfunction are major barriers to life satisfaction. Family interactions can either support or drain us. When family dynamics feel draining we can experience knock on effects in work, school, friends, and with extended family members. Which can result in a vicious cycle that in turn leads to more dysregulation and conflict. 

I can help!

How I Help You Manage Family Dynamics

Families are complex and diverse. Just like their problems. So support and understanding for families has to be diverse as well. Drawing on different approaches I help you identify and understand the patterns of interaction that lead to conflict or dissatisfaction in your family. 

Once you understand the root causes of dissatisfaction and conflict we look to explore the needs and emotions that drive behaviour. I then help you implement small tweaks to thinking, behaving, and feeling that will result in more harmony and satisfaction in family interactions.

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