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Connection and Understanding

Counselling is applied psychology that helps clients by developing connection and understanding. My goal is not to provide answers, as a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist might, but to listen to you and support you in finding your own solutions.

My individualized process is guided by your needs, wants, beliefs, and values. As a counsellor, my focus is on helping you change. I use many approaches to support you: active listening, empathy, targeted psychological and social interventions, thought exercises, and goal setting.

I help you understand how changing can improve your quality of life and how to take those difficult steps towards self-improvement. Our relationship will be based on mutual respect, empathy, professionalism, respect for diversity, and a focus on your rights to confidentiality and autonomy.

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What is Counselling?: About Me
Wandering Traveler

My Mission Statement

“I help you navigate life challenges by fostering mindset and perspective shifts. The focus is to create lasting change to reduce your symptoms and allow you to spend more time in the moment fully engaging with others and what fulfills you "

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What is Counselling?: Welcome
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