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Crisis support for youth. They provide a wide variety of support for mental health concerns by phone, text, or live chat.

Avoidance and anxiety can really impact our life. The first step to dealing with them is understanding how the cycle works. TRAILS (Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students) provides an easy to read infographic breaking the cycle down, check it out here.

CBT is one of the most commonly used therapies. Find out more about it with this informative guide from the Canadian Association of Mental Health.

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This guide provides a brief overview of mental illness and some of the basic symptoms associated with each category of dysfunction.

 The CCPA is the professional accreditation body to which I have applied for certification. I am currently a student member but will become a professional member after I receive certification. Their site details the educational and ethical requirements for professional membership. It also provides helpful information on a variety of counselling topics.

Counselling BC provides a helpful section with articles that cover a wide variety of client concerns.


Psychology today provides a wide array of informative and topical material related to psychology and mental health.

One of my favourite books for helping parents understand their child's development and acknowledge their emotional experiences. Plus it makes parenting easier!

A resource for learning about narrative therapy. Based out of Australia they provide training and resources to the public and counsellors.

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