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Anxiety Counselling

Servicing Rossland, Trail, Castlegar & The West Kootenays

The first section of text should be asking questions that the reader (in this case someone who struggles with anxiety) will knod their head to.

Are your thoughts controlling you?

Do you feel you are focusing too much on the unknown?

Worrying about the future excessively?

Maybe, even having a hard time staying present.

Add some more text about how anxiety can affect areas of this person's life.

Anxiety can be an invisible but formidable shackle, restricting your life in many ways. It erects daunting barriers, making simple tasks feel like insurmountable obstacles, and social interactions turn into exhausting battles. It confines you to the narrow confines of your comfort zones, limiting exploration, growth, and opportunities. As anxiety tightens its grip, it stifles dreams, undermines confidence, and leaves you navigating a world fraught with apprehension and self-doubt, often preventing you from fully embracing life's possibilities.

I can help!

How I Help You Overcome Anxiety

Through a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, and empathetic listening, I help individuals dissect and reframe irrational thought patterns that fuel anxiety. By nurturing self-awareness, you can learn to identify triggers and manage your emotional responses. While providing support, I gently encourage you to confront  fears, and retrain your brain to desensitize itself to anxiety-provoking situations. I also focus on healthy lifestyle changes, such as exercise and relaxation techniques, to reduce the physiological symptoms of anxiety. By building a strong therapeutic alliance, I hope to create a safe space for you to express your feelings and fears, where I can validate your experience and offer effective coping strategies. This multifaceted approach helps you gradually regain control over your life and alleviate the constraints that your anxiety has trapped you with.

Meet Your Anxiety Therapist

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